Stretch Wrapping Machines

Stretch wrap or stretch film is commonly used to unitize pallet loads and for bundling smaller items, as well as to preserve  luggage and goods of any kind.


Concept Diversipack supply a complete range of semi automatic pallet wrapping system and the horizontal Wrappy machine for wrapping of long products. The range of pallet wrappers come with many options including top clamps and power pre-stretch. Concept Diversipack manufacture a range of fully automatic pallet wrappers both rotary turntable, rotary arm and rotary ring machines with the capacity of 100+ pallets per hour and up to 400% pre stretch. The wrappers are available with optional pallet lift and top sheet application.


Our semiautomatic stretch wrapping machine: Wrap Pallets Quickly, Securely and Cost-Effectively. The most secure way to package your load. Loads may be stacked higher resulting in reduced shipping costs. Products can be hidden from view with the use of opaque films. Stretch wrap increases protection from the elements, including UV rays. Stretch must be cut for product to be extracted. Stretch Wrapping Machines use stretch films much more efficiently than if done by hand.


Operators do not suffer fatigue as stretch process is performed automatically. Besides your product would have an excellent presentation.

Our Range of Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines

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