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PET Strap Manufacturers in Bangalore

Concept Diversipack's PET strap provides maximum load stability for loads that shrink and settle during transit. Stronger than other plastic strapping materials, its excellent elongation and recovery characteristics help straps stay tight and absorb impacts without breaking.


Unlike steel strapping, PET strap can reduce indentation at unprotected package corners and does not rust and stain products when exposed to the elements. It’s also safer to handle than steel strapping and will not damage forklift tires.


PET strap is proven to be highly effective in hundreds of applications that require exceptional strength and high retained tension. It performs smoothly and reliably in power strapping machines and manual application tools.

General Purpose PET (Polyster) Strap

General purpose PET strap is designed for much different application for light & medium duty even to heavy duty palletizing & utilizing applications as well as sharp edged packages. It can be applied by hand tools or power strapping equipments. PET (Polyester) strapping material yields higher breaking strengths & retained tension capabilities than polypropylene strapping. It is commonly used to palletized loads such as bottles, cans, corrugated sheets as well as bricks & blocks to prevent product shifting during handling & transit.

Heavy Duty PET (Polyster) Strap

Heavy duty PET strap is a highly engineered product made with high quality raw materials. It is ideal for medium to heavy duty strapping applications with the same economic benefits - combines the performance properties of both steel & plastic strapping to form a stronger, more resilient strapping material. Heavy duty PET strap is viable alternative for steel strapping in many heavy duty baling, palletizing applications. Its elongation & recovery characteristics help strap stay tight & absorb impacts without breaking. It is easy to handle, has an economical advantage over steel, & is anti corrosive thus providing maximum practicality & safety to the handler. It is completely recyclable, which reduces packaging waste & saves money on disposal costs.


Color White, Green, Black, as per demand
Width 9 – 19 mm ; tolerance +/- 0.6mm
Thickness 0.5 – 1.27 mm ; tolerance +/-0.05mm
Weight of roll approx 20-25 kgs.
Core sizes ID 406 mm x Width 150 mm x 10 mm thickness
Packing Corrugated box /stretched film .
Surface Plain / Embossed
Printing On request
Cutting As per customer requirement

Your Advantages at a Glance:

  • No damage or contamination of packaged goods (corrosion-resistant)
  • High shock-absorption in the event of excessive transport stress
  • Optimal tension even in the event of “shrinkage” of the transported goods
  • Up to 50% savings in relation to steel combined with swift recouping of any retrofitting costs
  • Simple and safe handling, low risk of injury
  • Stronger PET straps meet legal packaging guidelines
  • Much less strain on the product's edges - expensive edge protection can often omit.

Aluminium Sheets Brick Industry Cotton Bales
Strapping of Steel Plates Timber Industry Metal Industry

PET Straps’ Market – Comparison Table


PET vs Steel

Mechanical Strenght

The achievable values are comparable and impact resistance is better


PET offers 12% more than steel, so better retained tension for loads that move or shrink due for any reason

Oxide Attitude

No rust marks on product, thus better to pack synthetic fibers and cotton bales


PET don’t damage the edges of the strapped goods


PET vs Steel


PET offers less safety hazards than Steel


PET bobbins could be handled more easily


PET vs Steel

Raw Material

PET Bottle Flakes offer a Major Advantage

Technical Specifications

Sl. No


Width x Thickness

Break Strength

CP01 P / CP01 E

12.00 x 0.50

240 kgs / 220 kgs

CP02 P / CP02 E

12.00 x 0.60

290 kgs / 280 kgs

CP03 P / CP03 E

12.00 x 0.70

340 kgs / 330 kgs

CP04 P / CP04 E

15.00 x 0.50

350 kgs / 340 kgs

CP05 P / CP05 E

15.00 x 0.60

360 kgs / 350 kgs

CP06 P / CP06 E

15.00 x 0.70

420 kgs / 410 kgs


CP07 P / CP07 E

15.00 x 0.80

480 kgs / 470 kgs

CP08 P / CP08 E

16.00 x 0.90

580 kgs / 560 kgs

CP09 P / CP09 E

16.00 x 1.00

640 kgs / 620 kgs


CP10 P / CP10 E

19.00 x 0.80

610 kgs / 590 kgs


CP11 P / CP11 E

19.00 x 1.00

760 kgs / 740 kgs


CP12 P / CP12 E

19.00 x 1.27

970 kgs / 940 kgs

Available Plain, Emboss, Knurled as per customer specifications.

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