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Concept Diversipack is the leading provider of innovative protective packaging solutions for industrial and commercial markets worldwide, delivering products and services through a strategic distribution network to ensure that our customers’ products get to market safely, economically and environmentally responsibly.

Concept Diversipack, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is a leading manufacturer of protective packaging systems for a wide variety of industries; perishables, processed foods and beverage, metals, chemicals, lumber, steel and a variety of manufactured goods.

Founded in 1999, Concept Diversipack, has consistently delivered innovative products and solutions to its’ customers. We are the leading manufacturer of angle board in South India with multiple manufacturing facilities strategically located across Bangalore to offer a constant supply and quick delivery.

  • Recognized leader in protective packaging systems.
  • Ten manufacturing facilities ensure a constant supply and minimal delivery times.
  • A diverse product line provides solutions for all types of applications and environments.
  • Integrated manufacturing, sales and customer service operations offer quick response times.
  • In-house testing center and certified packaging laboratory.
  • All products made of recycled content and can be recycled.

Variants Available

Our angle boards are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.

Our Angle Board is made of multiple plies of recycled paper, laminated together with glue and encased in a full outer wrap of paper. The board is then formed into a rigid right angle.

  • Reduces the packaging cost-per-load
    Increases strength
  • Is safer to handle
  • Provides a clean, crisp appearance for POP displays
  • Is an excellent replacement for wood packaging
  • Permits higher strap tension for tighter, more secure loads
  • Prevents paper cuts and delamination

Special surface finishes are available, including moisture-resistant and abrasion-resistant coatings. One and two-color printing is also available for branding, product identification and instructional purposes.


  • Made from premium quality materials
  • Eco-friendly
  • Custom made with clients’ logo
  • Long lasting adhesive

Standard Dimensions

Angle Board Suppliers
Leg Width (A&B) mm
Equal Leg Width
Thickness (C) mm Length (D) mm
25 x 25 3.0 As per Customers
35 x 35 3.0
40 x 40 3.0
50 x 50 3.0
65 x 65 4.0
75 x 75 4.0 & 6.0
100 x 100 6.0

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